We will be meeting tonight at Bambinos Cafe. Meet at the Bear Statue at 7 PM and we will carpool there (or you can meet us at the cafe). Please bring one/two cans for Ozarks Food Harvest with you.

Next Thursday, Oct. 27th we will have a regular meeting in PSU 314 A at 7 PM.

If you are interested in Bowling and/or a Corn Maze then please send an e-mail to

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Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be at Bambinos on October 20th at 7 PM. Please bring Ozarks Food Harvest items (one to two canned item foods). Meet at the Bear Statue (on campus) at 7 and we will carpool from there.

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October Events

  • The Ides of March: Film at Wehrenberg 16 – Sunday, October 9th – Time to be determined (will post when known)
  • Corn maze – Place and time to be determined
  • Meeting: October 20th at Bambinos Cafe – Meet at Bear Statue at 7 PM (bring food for Ozarks Food Harvest)
  • Meeting: October 27th, 7 PM – PSU 314 A (yes, two meetings in a row)
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Homecoming Events

Here is a list of the Homecoming events we talked about at our last meeting. The events and their times are underlined with little snippets of information underneath each one.  Please let me know which events you would be interested in and we will let you know which events we will be participating in! Click on the hyperlink below for more information and the full packet.  Email China at if you have any questions!


Decorate Downtown- OCT 23 11am-3pm

*provided 10 bowls of paint, cannot bring own supplies


Window Painting -OCT 23 2-6 PSU north patio

*Provided 10 Bowls of Paint, cannot bring own supplies


Chalk n Rock OCT 23 2-6 PSU north patio

*No chalking shall contain political, commercial, or controversial themes

*must provide own chalk, no chalk paint

*must incorporate theme


Spirit Banner OCT 23 2-6 PSU north patio

*Banners must be no larger than the size of a twin size sheet.

*Must incorporate Maroon On Game On Theme

   Deadline OCT 11

CAN we build it- OCT 24 1-3 McDonald Arena Sidewalk

*Canned and box foods are the only items allowed in this contest & must be purchased by the organization

*All labels must remain visible and cannot be disfigured in any way

*Each organization must have at least 2 members help load cans into the Ozark Food Harvest Truck after the competition


Mocktails– OCT 25 11-1 PSU north patio

*Each team may have no more than four members.

*Each entry must provide a nonalcoholic drink for each of the judges.  The nonalcoholic drink does not have to be an original drink recipe. 

*Supplies must be provided by the organization


Rockstar MSU- OCT 25 7 Hammons Student Center

   OCT 4 Tryouts 6pm PSU 310


   Song List-


*Participant may have up to five (non-singing) participants/extras on stage for their performance

*Song may not exceed 2 minutes

*Must choose from the song list above (Participants may choose to use a song not included in the song book.  However, she or he must then provide their chosen song on a CD to the Homecoming Committee.  It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the CD they provide is compatible Amberg Entertainment)

*Additional props or costumes may be used as long as they receive approval


Chili Cook-off- OCT 26 7-10pm PSU north patio

OCT 11 5pm Info meeting MANDATORY PSU 400

*Each organization may have a team of no more than three members.

*Each team must prepare a pot of chili according to the Health and Safety Regulations set by Chartwells and bring chili to the competition in a crock pot.

*Each team member must read and sign a copy of the Chartwells waiver to be turned in with entry form

*Food selection for the chili is up to the participants but alcohol CANNOT be an ingredient

*Each organization must submit one (1) copy of the chili recipe with their completed entry form.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification

*Additionally, each organization must display a list of ALL ingredients at their table during the night of Chili Cook-Off.


Yell Like Hell- OCT 27 6pm


*Each performance must last a minimum of one (1) minute and may last no longer than two (2) minutes.

*Each performance may only use thirty (30) seconds of music.


*Any glitter/confetti/etcused by your organization must be completely cleaned up within thirty (30) seconds

*There is a limit of 12 participants per group.

Stunting in the air is NOT allowed. This means no lifting any person in the air or flips. Any team who attempts to perform a stunting act will automatically be disqualified.



Bear Bolt- OCT 28 3-6 Bear paw

*This is a strenuous activity, so team shirts, shorts, and running shoes are highly recommended.


*Teams must consist of exactly eight (8) participants.  Each team must have four (4) females and four (4) males.  Teams may supply alternatives on the entry form in the case that a team member cannot compete. 

*All participants must sign the University Safety Waiver as this event will include running and physical activity around campus. Tennis shoes are highly recommended.

*The event will be split into three divisions: Fraternity and Sorority LifeResidence Life, and Student Organizations (Check in for Student Organizations will begin at 4:30 pm at the Bear Paw. Student Organizations will compete from 5-6 pm.)

*Each team will receive their first clue at the same time.  They then must solve that clue, go to that designated location and complete a task to receive the next clue.  Tasks will be similar to Minute to Win It© tasks.  There will be four (4) total locations with tasks and a final location which will serve as the finish line. 


Parade OCT 29 9am

   Info meeting OCT 5 6:30 or OCT 17 5 MUST ATTEND ONE

*The parade staging (line-up) area will be on east Trafficway St. between National Ave. and John Q. Hammons Pkwy.  Parade entries must enter from National Ave. (for floats, walking, animal, or car entries). All entries –floats, walking, animal entries and decorated cars — must arrive between 7:00 am and 8:00 am to be entered into the parade.  All entries must check in with one of the Homecoming Parade Chairs or a designated Homecoming representative.

*Walking entries are required to provide and display an appropriate banner to identify the sponsoring organization

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Next Meeting

College Democrats will be meeting on Thursday September 29th at 7 PM in PSU 314 AB. Please bring a canned food item or two for Ozarks Food Harvest.

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General Updates

The next College Democrats meeting will be September 29th at 7 PM in PSU 314 AB.

On October 9th, Dems will be seeing the film “The Ides of March” sometime after 7 PM at either Campbell 16 or Hollywood 14. Stay tuned for details.

Sometime in October, we will be going to a corn maze!

We are collecting canned food items for Ozarks Food Harvest at our next two meetings! Please come by and drop canned food items off (even if you can’t stay). If you’d like to donate but can’t make it to the meetings then please contact and we will pick up the items from you on campus.

We are getting people together for AIDs walk. If you are interested then contact

Finally, if you are interested in joining a Social Event Planning committee then please contact Brett at – We need about two or three people.

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Trivia Night, Film and Food Drive

Hey Democrats,

Trivia Night is TOMORROW night at 8:30 PM in Siceluff Hall 117. We provide the questions and candy and you provide yourself!

Democrats will be seeing the political thriller “The Ides of March” staring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. This will take place on October 9th (subject to change) and will be at Campbell 16 or Hollywood 14 between 8 and 9 PM.

Finally, College Democrats will be hosting a food drive for Ozarks Food Harvest. We will be collecting items during the scheduled meetings every Thursday between 9/15 and 10/13.

Items needed:

Boxed Food (i.e. macaroni and cheese, hamburger helper)
Canned meat
Canned pork and beans
Canned fruit/vegetables
Boxed pasta
Canned pasta sauce
Peanut Butter
Flour, sugar, salt, pepper, spices, vegetable oil
Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce
Paper plates
Utensils (plastic)
Cups (paper)

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